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PERFORATION INDIA is established in the year 1997 which is now one of the leading manufacturers, dealers and suppliers of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Perforated Sheets, and other wirenetting products in perforation india, haryana India. We are manufacturing crimped wiremesh screens from TATA & USHA MARTIN Wires. These products are widely used in stone crushers, Construction industry, chemical industries, and many more.....

Our infrastructural set up is our biggest strength which help us to run our business operations efficiently and effectively. We have a well equipped in-house production unit which is capable of culminating incomparable products. Our production unit boast of world class machineries which work on low cost and yield excellent results. We have a team of highly qualified professional striving to come out with innovative concepts for the requirement of the clients. Our main aim is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing superior quality products at reasonable prices. With combination of fair business principles, efficient service and solid products, we expect a successful and growth oriented future. We have a strong technical support, advanced production equipment enabling us to produce high quality products. We are supplying our quality products all over India.
Our Best Products are :-
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